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Jason Ontiveros

Department Head


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Law- Public Safety

Course of Study

by grade

*Denotes course substitutions available. 

See course handbook for full course offerings.





English I

English II

English IIV*

English IV*

Algebra I


Algebra II

Probability & Statistics

Integrated Science I



Environmental Sciences

World History

US History

Modern History of Hawaii/ Participation in Democracy


CTE Courses

9th Grade: Foundations of Law

& Public Safety

10th Grade:

Law Enforcement Services 1

11th Grade:

Law Enforcement

 Services 2

12th Grade:

Law Enforcement Services Capstone

High-Wage, High-Skill, In-Demand Careers

Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers ● Correctional Officers and Jailers ● Transportation Security Screeners ● First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives ● Detectives and Criminal Investigators ● Private Detectives and Investigators ●  Fish and Game Wardens ● Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists

Available Industry Certification:

First Aid/CPR, Unarmed Security Guard

Available Dual Enrollment Courses

ENG 100 ● ENG 102 ● Biology 100 ● HWST 100 ● HWST 101 ●  HWST 104 ● HWST 105 ● PSY 100 ● SOC 100 ●

 ASTRO 110 ● Math 100

Career & technical Student Organization:

State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers or Drug Awareness Resistance Education

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associates degree Programs

POst-Secondary Opportunities

County Of Hawaii

  • POlice academy

 Hawaii Community College Hilo & Palamanui

  • Administration of Justice, Associates degree

University of Hawaii - Hilo/Manoa

  • Administration of Justice, Bachelors degree

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