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Guidance & Career Counselor:

Erin Henderson

Born and raised in Hawai`i Mrs. Henderson has worked for the DOE for 15 years as a teacher and school counselor. Her passion is working with youth to build social emotional skills and prepare them for life's journey during and after high school.

(808) 313-6731

Registrar: Brooke DeLuz

Phone: 313-6720


Behavioral Health Specialists:

Dr. Kalani Kama-Carr

Phone: 313-6732


Kohala Schools Counseling Portal

Counseling Services 


Counseling can support students with academic progress and achievement, college/career planning, managing stress and anxiety, social skills and relationships, and general social emotional well-being.

Tier 1:

Universal support Available for all students

Guidance lessons:

KHS provides social emotional guidance lessons during homeroom classes. Through these lessons, students are afforded opportunities to explore various topics and engage in classroom discussions and personal reflection.

Walk-in counseling:

Any student may walk into the counselor’s office or request to see the counselor when needed. If the requests are ongoing, the counselor will determine if the student needs to move to the next level of support, either small group or individual counseling provided by the school counselor.

College and Career Information Google Classroom (Code: 6olox3t)

This Google Classroom is full of resources for life after high school. The site is updated each week with new information. Types of information include college announcements (tours, admission info, opportunities for meeting with colleges, etc.), scholarship and financial aid info (announcements, reminders & deadlines), military information, apprenticeships, career opportunities, and more.

Tier 2:

Specific support
for select students

Small group counseling:

Students who request or need skills training or support in specific areas (ex: social skills, anger management, conflict resolution, organization skills, etc.) may receive small group counseling services to address the area of concern.

Individual counseling:

Individual counseling is also available for students who demonstrate the need. Topics of individual counseling are usually more personal in nature and students may not feel comfortable in a group.

Tier 3:

Specific support
for select students

Individual counseling:

For students who have already received individual counseling at the Tier 2 level but require more frequent sessions for continued support.


  • If a student is not responding to this level of counseling, there will be a referral made to determine if the student may require School-Based Behavioral Health (SBBH) services. 





School Counseling is Private and Confidential

Counseling services are considered to be private and confidential and any discussions and disclosures will be kept so, unless the student discloses:


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  1. They are thinking about, intending to, and/or have a plan to harm themselves

  2. Someone is harming them

  3. They are thinking about and/or intending to harm someone else

  4. They give consent to share information with another individual (teacher, administrator, or parent)

Panorama (SEL) Survey

Panorama Survey

To Help KHS faculty & staff better serve our students, all students take part in a DOE SEL Survey provided by Panorama Education in the Fall & Spring semesters. This self-assessment helps KHS faculty and staff to better serve our students. 

SEL data helps teachers understanding how students perceive their own social and emotional skills is a valuable component to foster school connectedness and climate.

SEL skills are a key factor in addressing the whole child and influences their success in school and in life.

SEL data will help teachers better understand students' learning needs, especially during distance and hybrid learning when students are not on campus as much (or at all).

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