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Creating a community of college and career ready, lifelong learners 

“Aia ka pono o ka lehulehu a ho`okumu`ia he kaiāulu `imi mau i ka na`auao.”

Kohala High provides an
Opportunity to achieve

High standards through

 Authentic assessment and clear

 Learning goals for

 All students

E Ala E Nä Paniolo
Rise to the Challenge, Cowboys!


Kohala High School:
Creates an environment in which
Our students are valued individuals who are
Responsible for their own learning through
Effective teaching practices.

Kohala High's Clear Learning Goals (CLR)

Citizenship: Display integrity, responsibility, and respect.
  • Know the individual's responsibilities and rights in school, home, and community.
  • Cooperate with people to achieve goals.
  • Demonstrate quality work.
  • Display respect for self and others.
Literacy: Demonstrate high standards in literacy across content areas.
  • Apply knowledge and experience from different learning areas.
  • Read and write for various purposes and audiences.
  • Assemble information using a variety of resources.
  • Communicate with languages, mathematics, technology, exhibits and performances.
Reflection: Utilize a variety of authentic assessment strategies to reflect on learning and meet learning goals.
  • Describe the positive and negative effects of actions or decisions.
  • Evaluate progress throughout the year and make adjustments in strategies as necessary.
  • Communicate learning needs and goals with teachers, mentors, and parents/guardians.

Hawaii Department of Education General Learner Outcomes
  1. Student will be responsible for his/her own learning.
  2. Student will be a team player.
  3. Student will be involved in complex thinking and problem solving.
  4. Student will be able to recognize and produce quality work.
  5. Student will be able to communicate effectively.
  6. Student will be able to use a variety of technologies effectively and ethically.