Kohala High College Skills Prep Program, AVID, hosts Middle School AVID 8th graders

Writing-Inquiry-Collaboration-Organization-Reading (WICOR) are the foundation skills of instructional activities in AVID. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. A college skills preparation program established in California over 30 years ago, Kohala High has been an AVID school since 2006. Teachers implement best practices and AVID instructional strategies in courses across a variety of content areas. The AVID mission and the Kohala High vision,”Creating a community of college and career ready, lifelong learners ,“ both involve student achievement and readiness for college and career.
In collaboration with middle School AVID elective teacher Jenny Stevens, high school AVID elective teachers Kehaulani Hedlund and Debbie Okubo hosted the 8th grade AVID students for the first ever Shadow and Share on March 9. AVID Seniors Justin Agbayani, Mary Ann Emeliano, and Michael Medeiros shared their insights about AVID, their aspirations and college destinations after greeting the 8th grade AVID students. Then 9th and 10th grade AVID students served as hosts. Each individual 8th grader was matched with upper grade level AVID students. Partners went to lunch. Then proceeded to shadow two of the afternoon classes.
Some 8th graders commented that the experience was first scarey, but once they got into classes and knew that their partners were there to support and introduce them to high school courses, they felt better. Teachers for a variety of classes welcomed the visiting AVID 8th grade students. “It was interesting to hear the high school teachers talking to the class,” commented Kaimi Hook.
During the last class hour of the day, all AVID 8,9 and 10 grade students reconvened for a critical thinking paper tower building activity. Daejha Rivera, AVID 8th grade, commented “the tower building was a fun challenge of teamwork.” Collaboration and communication were the key skills. AVID high school tutors Samantha Armitage and Jacob Frost, both VISTA volunteers who weekly work with AVID students as tutors, assisted with the closing activities for a fun Shadow and Share day! At the closing, two more Kohala High AVID seniors, Melina VanZandt and Kealen Figueroa, shared their aspirations and AVID success stories.
Kohala High currently has four sections of AVID elective course 9,10,11, and 12. The next school year offers four sections once again. AVID Registration at the high school is underway. Students may pick up applications from Ms Fern White, AVID Site Coordinator, or the AVID elective teachers. For information on the AVID program, call 889-7117.